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Application Program Interface


In order to effectively integrate the QTRACS/400 system with your existing software systems, various programs and utilities are provided to the user at the call level. You may wish to modify existing programs to take advantage of these calls. The following sections describe the calling interface to be used to call the QTRACS/400 API.

QTAPI and QTAPILE Copy Members

In order to facilitate easier usage of the API's by SAE's and customers, two deliverable source members are available. These source members, QTAPI (RPG) and QTAPILE (RPGLE), contain code snippets that may be copied to site-specific external application programs as needed. These code snippets are 'API calling sequences' and 'transaction packet formats'. These members are unconditionally delivered to each customer and may be found in OMRPGSRC in library OMNIDLVSRC.

Implementation Note

The QTRACS/400 API suite consists entirely of ILE programs (no old-style OPM programs exist anymore). These ILE programs run in QTRACS' persistent activation group OMACTGRP. Therefore, be aware that all callers of these APIs shall have this activation group created in their PAG. The calling application may use the RCLACTGRP command if it desires to explicitly remove this activation group. In most cases this shouldn't be necessary. The activation group will dissolve automatically when the job completes or the user signs off.

General Purpose Utilities

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