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Retrieve a Postal Code - OMGETZIP

Retrieve a Postal Code (OMGETZIP)

Required Parameter Group:

1 City Name Input Char(25)
2 State Abbreviation Input Char(2)
3 Country Abbreviation Input Char(2)
4 Postal Code Output Char(9)

API Overview:
The Retrieve a Postal Code API (OMGETZIP) is used to retrieve the postal code for a specific place when given a city name, state and country abbreviation. This API should be used by external applications when it is necessary to resolve a postal code for a given city.

Required Parameter Group Details:
(1) City Name
This parameter contains a city name. It may be given as a partial string in which case the API must be able to find a unique match before being able to resolve the postal code.

(2) State Abbreviation
This parameter contains a state abbreviation in which the above city is located.

(3) Country Abbreviation
This parameter contains a country name. This field is optional and if not included will try to be determined with a call to the OMWGEO API.

(4) Postal Code
This field returns the desired postal code.

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