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Get Component Version Information - OMGETCVI

Get Component Version Information (OMGETCVI) RI

Required Parameter Group:

1 Vehicle Identifier Input Char(10)
2 Return Status Output Char(1)
3 Return Block Output Char(5000)

API Overview:
The Get Component Version Information API (OMGETCVI) may be used to retrieve a vehicle's component version information from the QTRACS database.

Required Parameter Group Details:
(1) Vehicle Identifier
This parameter contains the identifier of the vehicle whose component version information is to be retrieved.

(2) Return Status
Status value returned to the caller will be set as follows:

0 Success, component version information found and returned
1 Failure, no component version information found for specified vehicle identifier
A Failure, API failed when called remotely

(3) Return Block
Fixed format data structure that returns component version information from the QTRACS database to the calling program. If the 'return status' parameter is not '0', the contents of this return block are not reliable.

1-3000 Component Descriptions
An array of 100 30-character elements
3001-5000 Component Version Numbers
An array of 100 20-character elements

A successful call to this API will result in the return of a block of data containing a list of the installed vehicle components and their firmware version numbers. Note that this list is returned from the NMC, it is not maintained by a user or by the QTRACS software. We simply store the list of "installed components" as declared by the NMC.

The maximum number of descriptions and versions that are returned is 100. Any additional records will be ignored. Note also that the lengths of the descriptions and version numbers in the database are 256 bytes; however, the lengths returned by this API are significantly shorter than that. We believe that these returned lengths will be sufficient to carry the necessary information.

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