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Reclaiming Lost File Space in the QTRACS Database - OMREORG

Reclaiming Lost File Space in the QTRACS Database (OMREORG)

Required Parameter Group:

API Overview:
The Reclaiming Lost File Space in the QTRACS Database API (OMREORG) handles all of the necessary database reorganization (reclamation of lost file space) for the QTRACS database. This is performed independently of the database purge job and should be called from an appropriate point within each customer's IPL job. It is not mandatory that this job be called from IPL; however, when called the QTRACS system must not be in use .

Also, if this job is called from a site-specific 'housekeeping' program, it must not be called while the purge is running in batch. This could occur if the housekeeping program is interactive, and the purge is called immediately prior to this reorganization task. This is caused by the fact that the purge will not run interactively, and will submit itself as a second task. This allows the housekeeping program to continue on and call the reorg before the purge is finished. So, if the custom program that calls the purge is interactive, this reorg task must be called from an IPL job (or at some other time when the purge is not running.)

After the QTRACS database has been reorganized, all lost file space (caused by record deletions) will be recovered.

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