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Window a QTRACS Entity List - OMWENT

Window a QTRACS Entity List (OMWENT)

Required Parameter Group:

1 Entity Type Input Char(6)
2 Return Status Output Char(1)
3 Entity Selection Output Char(10)

API Overview:
The Window a QTRACS Entity List API (OMWENT) provides pop-up window support for valid QTRACS entities and several psuedo-entities. It will display a scrollable, position-to capable, list of entities allowing the user to optionally make a selection. If a selection is made by the user, it will be returned as a parameter to the calling program.

Required Parameter Group Details:
(1) Entity Type
Entity type identifiers determine which QTRACS entities shall be presented to the user via a pop-up window and the order in which to present them via function keys. Between one and six identifiers may be specified at a time. Possible entity types include:

U Users
V Vehicles
A Applications
L Address Lists
G Vehicle Message Groups
T Auxiliary Vehicles
B Auxiliary Accounts
C Coverages
D Drivers
P Account QMASS Profiles
E Limited Address Lists

(2) Return Status
Status value returned to the caller will be set as follows:

0 Success, at least one entity of specified type was found and displayed
1 Success, an entity was selected from the window and returned
A Failure, there were no entities of the requested type and the window was not displayed

(3) Entity Selection
This parameter contains the returned entity selection. This field will be populated if the return status equals 1.

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