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Remove Message Text - OMNUKTXT

Remove Message Text (OMNUKTXT)

Required Parameter Group:

1 Global Message Number Input Packed(9,0)
2 Return Status Output Char(1)

API Overview:
The Remove Message Text API (OMNUKTXT) provides a mechanism to allow external applications to perform 'after the fact' message suppression. It does this by removing a message's text from the QTRACS database for a given global message handle. In addition, it writes a status entry to record the timestamp of this act.

Required Parameter Group Details:
(1) Global Message Handle
This parameter must contain the unique global message handle of the existing message that will have its message text suppressed.

(2) Return Status
Status value returned to the caller will be set as follows:

0 Success, message text removed
1 Failure, message not found
2 Failure, message text not removed
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