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Retrieve Auxiliary Account Info - OMAUXRTV

Retrieve Auxiliary Account Info (OMAUXRTV)

Required Parameter Group:

1 Auxiliary Account Number Input Char(10)
2 Return Block Output Char(256)
3 Return Status Output Char(1)

API Overview:
The Retrieve Auxiliary Info API is used to verify the existence, within QTRACS/400, of an Auxiliary Account with the auxiliary account number specified. Additionally, when successful, a block of information pertaining to the associated Auxiliary Account is returned to the calling application.

Required Parameter Group Details:
(1) Auxiliary Account Number
This parameter contains the auxiliary account number used when searching through defined Auxiliary Accounts. In order for the API call to be successful, an Auxiliary Account must exist in QTRACS/400 with the auxiliary account number specified.

(2) Return Block
When the auxiliary account number is successfully verified, associated auxiliary account information is returned to the calling application in the following data structure. Should the return status indicate failure, the contents of this return block should be disregarded.

1-10 Auxiliary Account ID Char(10)
11-34 Company Name Char(24)
35-38 Default SCAC Char(4)

( 3 ) Return Status
Status value returned to the calling application will be set as follows:

0 Success, auxiliary account information successfully retrieved
1 Failure, auxiliary account number must be specified
2 Failure, no Auxiliary Account found with the auxiliary account number specified
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