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Request Vehicle Position Update - OMUPDPOS

Request Vehicle Position Update (OMUPDPOS) RI

Required Parameter Group:

1 Vehicle Identifier Input Char(10)
2 Return Status Output Char(1)

API Overview:
The Request Vehicle Position Update API (OMUPDPOS) will format and send an 'Update Position Request' transaction to the Communications Manager for the specified vehicle. It is used by the customer to request that the current position of a vehicle be updated. It should be noted that calling this API will not update the vehicle's position history instantly. This request will be queued behind any other forward traffic. In addition, when the NMC determines the latest position for the vehicle, that position is not automatically sent until return traffic is retrieved from the NMC during the normal communications cycle. At that time, the vehicle's position history will be updated on the AS400.

This API may be invoked from several places within the QTRACS system, like the Vehicle Detail panel, or the Work with Vehicle Position History panel. Or the API may be called directly as indicated below.

Required Parameter Group Details:
(1) Vehicle Identifier
This parameter contains the vehicle identifier which a position update is being requested.

(2) Return Status
Status value returned to the caller will be set as follows:

0 Success, position update requested
1 Failure, vehicle identifier not found
2 Failure, position update request is already pending
A Failure, API failed when called remotely
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