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Add Remove Vehicle to Group - OMGRPVEH

Add/Remove Vehicle to Group (OMGRPVEH) RI

Required Parameter Group:

1 Vehicle ID Input Char(10)
2 Group ID Input Char(10)
3 Function Code Input Char(1)
4 Return Status Output Char(2)

API Overview:
The Add/Remove Vehicle to Group API is used to either add a vehicle to a message group or remove a vehicle from a message group. The OMGRPVEH API will make the necessary vehicle message group changes to the host database and also request the changes to be made at the NMC.

Required Parameter Group Details:
(1) Vehicle ID
This parameter specifies the vehicle to be added or removed from a message group. OmniOne and Auxiliary vehicles may not be specified. The vehicle must exist prior to calling this API.

(2) Group ID
This parameter specifies the group the vehicle will be added to or removed from. The group must exist prior to calling this API.

(3) Function Code
This parameter specifies the action the user would like to be performed.

A Add; add the specified Vehicle ID to the specified Group
D Delete; remove the specified Vehicle ID from the specified Group

(4) Return Status
Status value returned to the caller will be set as follows:

0 0 Success, group membership successfully updated
01 Failure, invalid function code
02 Failure, invalid vehicle ID - vehicle does not exist
03 Failure, invalid vehicle type
04 Failure, invalid group ID - group does not exist
05 Failure, group membership limit exceeded
06 Failure, error updating files
07 Failure, vehicle is not a member of the specified group
08 Failure, vehicle is already a member of the specified group
09 Failure, maximum number of vehicles (32,767) has been exceeded for group
10 Failure, group definition was unsuccessful
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