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Create Message Rejection Warning - OMEAWARN

Create Message Rejection Warning (OMEAWARN)

Required Parameter Group:

1 User to Warn Input Char(10)
2 External Application Identifier Input Char(10)
3 Failed OMCRTMSG Input Block Input Char(4174)
4 Failed OMCRTMSG Output Block Input Char(21)

API Overview:
The Create Message Rejection Warning API (OMEAWARN) sends a message from the QTRACS Global System message file, TRAQMSGF, that contains information about a QTRACS message request that was rejected by the OMCRTMSG API. This program is intended to provide an easy way for an external application to notify a user about a rejected create message attempt.

This API can be called from within external applications immediately after the call to the OMCRTMSG API based on the value of DMREAS as returned by OMCRTMSG. If DMREAS is returned set to all zeros, then the OMCRTMSG call has succeeded. But, if a non-zero value is returned then OMCRTMSG has rejected the message submittal. In this case, the external application can call OMEAWARN to notify a user of the failure. OMEAWARN will send a "non-program" OS400 message to the user whose OS400 profile name is contained in the 'User to Warn' parameter. The message will inform the user that the create message attempt was rejected. Certain parameters from the OMCRTMSG call will appear in the message. In addition, the user may access the second level help text to see more detail as to the cause of the failure.

Required Parameter Group Details:
(1) User to Warn
This parameter contains the OS400 user profile of the user who is to receive the OS400 warning message about the rejected message.

(2) External Application Identifier
This parameter contains the external application identifier that is attempting to send a message with the OMCRTMSG API. This is an informational field only. It is included in the warning message.

(3) OMCRTMSG Input Block
This parameter contains a copy of the input data block that was passed to the OMCRTMSG API when it returned the rejection. See the documentation for the OMCRTMSG API in Section 2.1.17.

(4) OMCRTMSG Output Block
This parameter contains a copy of the output data block that was returned by the OMCRTMSG API indicating the rejection. See the documentation for the OMCRTMSG API in Section 2.1.17.

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