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Update a QTRACS Place Alias - OMUPALIS

Update a QTRACS Place Alias (OMUPALIS)

Required Parameter Group:

API Overview:
The Update a QTRACS Place Alias API (OMUPALIS) is used to update the alias field of a record in the QTRACS Place Database. A common use of the alias or 'customer' field, is to store the key to the corresponding place from some other city database on the host system (e.g. ICC Cities, Rand McNally, etc). This allows the external application programs to perform speedy, reliable lookups via this key.
This site-specific utility may be found in the deliverable source library. It is not delivered as a compiled object. It must be modified to suit, and then compiled and executed on-site.

After installing the QTRACS Place Database, the customer has 40,000+ places that are used as QTRACS proximity references. Sometimes, external applications demand that a vehicle's location (proximity reference) be cross-referenced to another host-based location file (e.g. ICC Cities). Formerly, this task was difficult because the lookup had to be performed using the city name. This type of lookup is subject to failure because of different spellings, capitalization, spacing, etc.
If lookups to another city database are required, the recommended approach is to use this utility at upgrade time. This utility will populate the Alias field with the unique key from the other city file. The result is that integration code will be much simpler and more reliable because the Alias field can be used to perform a direct lookup.

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