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Stopping an OMNIX Background Process - STOPTASK

Stopping an OMNIX Background Process (STOPTASK)

Required Parameter Group:


Data Queue Name & Library



API Overview:
The Stopping an OMNIX Background Process API (STOPTASK) sends an ending transaction code to a background task's data queue, thus ending the task. This API provides support for EAL processes that were modeled after the sample QTRACS background task OMNIX.
Prior to QTRACS v5.3 this API could be used to end some of the background tasks for QTRACS itself. However, most of the data queue interfaces to these tasks have since been replaced with file interfaces, thereby, rendering this API useless with respect to the QTRACS background tasks.

Required Parameter Group Details:
(1) Data Queue Name & Library
This parameter contains the name of the data queue for the respective OMNIX background task. The first 10 bytes contain the queue name and the second 10 bytes specify the library.

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