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Get Macro Information - OMGMAC

Get Macro Information (OMGMAC)

Required Parameter Group:

1 Macro Direction Input Char(1)
2 Macro Number Input Packed(3,0)
3 Format Name Input Char(6)
4 Return Status Output Char(1)
5 Return Block Output Char(256)

API Overview:
The Get Macro Information API (OMGMAC) is used to retrieve the definition of a specific macro from the QTRACS Macro Database. This API is used by external applications when it is necessary to determine the current definition of a given macro.

Required Parameter Group Details:
(1) Macro Direction
This parameter must contain the direction of the macro to be retrieved. Valid values are:

F Forward
R Return

(2) Macro Number
This parameter must contain the macro number of the macro to be retrieved.

(3) Format Name
The format of the information to be returned. Valid values are:

MAC100 Definition information

(4) Return Status
Status value returned to the caller will be set as follows:

0 Success, macro found and information returned
1 Failure, macro not found
2 Failure, invalid format name specified

(5) Return Block
Variable format data structure that returns information to the calling program based on the 'format name' parameter. If the 'return status' parameter is not '0', the contents of this return block are not reliable.
The supported data formats are shown in the shaded tables below.
MAC100 Data Format (Definition information)

1-1 Macro Type(F=forward, R=return) Char(1)
2-4 Macro Number Zoned (3,0)
5-7 Macro Version Number Zoned (3,0)
8-21 Macro Name Char(14)
22-51 Macro Description Char(30)
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