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Required Parameter Group:

1 Format Name Input Char(6)
2 Place Data Structure Input Char(512)
3 Place Identifier Output Packed(7,0)
4 Return Status Output Char(1)
5 Reason Code Output Char(4)

API Overview:
The Add a QTRACS Place API (OMADDPLC) is used to add a place to the QTRACS Place database. Upon successful validation, the API will update the place file and return the newly associated 'place id' to the calling application program. This API provides a reliable and easy to use mechanism for external applications to add places to the QTRACS database.

In addition, a stub program that calls the OMADDPLC API is also delivered. This site-specific stub, OMIMPPLC, allows the user to import many places from a custom source. This stub may be found in the deliverable source library (OMNIDLVSRC).

Required Parameter Group Details:
(1) Format Name
The format of the information being given. Valid values are:

PLC010 Place record with no ETA data
PLC020 Place record with ETA data included

(2) Place Data Structure
This parameter is a fixed format data structure that contains place information used to fill a QTRACS place record.
PLC010 Data Format (Place record with no ETA data)

1-4 Latitude (signed seconds) Packed(7,0)
5-8 Longitude (signed seconds) Packed(7,0)
9-13 Place Type Char(5)
14-38 Place Name Char(25)
39-63 Address Line #1 Char(25)
64-88 Address Line #2 Char(25)
89-113 City Name (mixed case) Char(25)
114-115 State/Province Abbreviation Char(2)
116-117 Country Abbreviation Char(2)
118-126 Postal Code Char(9)
127-135 SPL Code Char(9)
136-138 Size (radius in mls/kms) Packed(5,1)
139-144 Phone number
145-147 Time Zone Code Char(3)
148-148 Allow Daylight Savings (Y/N) Char(1)
149-158 Alias, Cross Reference to Customer File Char(10)
159-159 Customer Location Attribute (Y/N) Char(1)
160-160 Unloading Location Attribute (Y/N) Char(1)
161-161 Loading Location Attribute (Y/N) Char(1)
162-162 Trailer Drop Location Attribute (Y/N) Char(1)
163-163 Intermodal Point Attribute (Y/N) Char(1)
164-164 User-Defined Attribute #1 Char(1)
165-165 User-Defined Attribute #2 Char(1)
166-166 User-Defined Attribute #3 Char(1)
167-167 User-Defined Attribute #4 Char(1)
168-168 User-Defined Attribute #5 Char(1)
169-169 Refine Coordinates (Y/N) Char(1)
170-194 Milemaker Name Char(25)
195-219 Milemaker County Char(25)
220-228 Milemaker SPL Code Char(9)

PLC020 Data Format (Place record with ETA data included)

1-228 PLC010 Data Format (see above) *
229-231 Peak Traffic Base AM Time (HHMM) Packed(5,0)
232-233 Peak Traffic Duration AM (min) Packed(3,0)
234-236 Peak Traffic Base PM Time (HHMM) Packed(5,0)
237-238 Peak Traffic Duration PM (minutes) Packed(3,0)
239-240 Local Distance (mls/kms) Packed(3,0)
241-242 Local Average Speed in Traffic (MPH/KPH) Packed(3,0)
243-244 Local Average Speed Non-Traffic (MPH/KPH) Packed(3,0)
245-246 Average Wait Time to Dock (min) Packed(3,0)
247-248 Average Wait Time to Depart (min) Packed(3,0)
249-250 Average Detention Time to Dock (min) Packed(3,0)
251-252 Average Detention Time to Depart (min) Packed(3,0)

(3) Place Identifier
This parameter contains the place identifier associated to the newly created place record.

(4) Return Status
Status value returned to the caller will be set as follows:

0 Success, place record has been written
1 Success, place and ETA record have been written
2 Failure, place data structure given does not correspond to one of the above types
3 Failure, invalid value in place data structure
A Failure, API failed when called remotely

(5) Reason Code
This parameter contains a reason code when the return status parameter is equal to '3'. Possible values returned include;

0001 Invalid data block requested (other than "PLC010" or "PLC020")
0002 Place name, city name, state, country, postal code, or place type was left blank.
0003 Invalid country or state entered.
0004 Radius given is out of valid range (0-50)
0005 Place Type is invalid.
0006 Time Zone is invalid.
0007 Yes/No flag is not set to "Y" or "N" for one of the following:
0008 AM Peak Traffic Base Time invalid
0009 AM Peak Traffic Duration is out of valid range (0-240)
0010 PM Peak Traffic Base Time invalid
0011 PM Peak Traffic Duration is out of valid range (0-240)
0012 Local Distance is out of valid range (0-999)
0013 Local Average Traffic Speed is out of valid range (0-999)
0014 Local Average Non-Traffic Speed is out of valid range (0-999)
0015 Average Wait to Dock is out of valid range (0-999)
0016 Average Wait to Depart is out of valid range (0-999)
0017 Average Detention Time to Dock is out of valid range (0-999)
0018 Average Detention Time to Depart is out of valid range (0-999)
0019 One of the following is true:
o Latitude/Longitude is invalid
o Place denoted by latitude/longitude already exists
o Place denoted by latitude/longitude overlaps another defined place.
0020 Place denoted by country/state/name is not unique (already exists).
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