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Window a QTRACS Place List - OMWPLC

Window a QTRACS Place List (OMWPLC)

Required Parameter Group:

1 Initial Sort Input Char(1)
2 Initial Type Filter Input Char(5)
3 Initial Type Attribute Filter Input Char(10)
4 Return Status Output Char(1)
5 Selected Place Identifier Output Packed(7,0)

API Overview:
The Window a QTRACS Place List API (OMWPLC) provides pop-up window support for QTRACS 'places'. It will display a scrollable, position-to capable list of places allowing the user to make a selection. The selection may optionally be returned as a parameter to the calling program.

Required Parameter Group Details:
(1) Initial Sort
This parameter specifies the order in which the places should be displayed. Valid values are:

N View by Place Name
G View by Country/State
A View by Alias
P View by Postal Code
S View by Source

(2) Initial Type Filter
This parameter contains a place type filter. Valid values are:

*ALL No filter, all place types
Type Valid place type (ie. 'CITY' or 'TOWN')

(3) Initial Type Attribute Filter
This parameter specifies which places of a specified type should be displayed. An array of up to 10 place type attributes may be specified (ie. 'YYNYNNYNNN'). This field is only meaningful if an 'initial type filter' is specified.

(4) Return Status
Status value returned to the caller will be set as follows:

0 Success, at least one place was displayed, but none selected, F12 was pressed
1 Success, at least one place was displayed and one selected and returned
2 Failure, open query file command failed
3 Failure, invalid filter specified
4 Failure, invalid data in array attribute field

(5) Selected Place Identifier
This parameter returns a place ID, if one was selected from the window.

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