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Hours Of Service (HOS) Integration

Hours Of Service (HOS) Integration
Hours of Service Integration

Introducing HOS Web Services

This wiki provides an overview of the Omnitracs Hours of Service (HOS) product, HOS Web Services, and the methods for adding, updating, and exporting information to and from the HOS application, including required function signatures. This guide is for anyone who needs to know how to integrate with HOS, such as third-party dispatch software developers and Omnitracs software application engineers (SAEs).

About Omnitracs Hours of Service

Omnitracs Hours Of Service is designed to monitor driver hours and duty status changes over the course of their duty cycles. The HOS system uses a combination of sensors attached either to the J-1708 bus or the axle and a communication unit attached to the vehicle. Driving time and duty status activity is collected and processed on a near real-time basis. The cumulative data for the duty statuses allow safety managers to determine whether or not drivers are in compliance with hours of service regulations based on the number of on duty and driving hours a driver has remaining within specific time intervals.

Optionally, the HOS product can be integrated to a dispatch system to manage driver and vehicle availability for load assignments. As with tracking of drivers' duty status changes, the functions of HOS integrating with dispatch operations is accomplished using HOS Web Services.


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