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GetDeviceTypeInDepot (Vehicle Function)

Returns a list of objects, one for each vehicle in the specified depot. Each object has the Vehicle ID, UA, and ELD Mode of the vehicle's mobile device.

XML Request

The GetDeviceTypeInDepot function takes the following input parameters:

Parameter Type Description
DepotId short The ID of the depot whose vehicles should be returned
  <GetDeviceTypeInDepot xmlns="">  

XML Response

The XML response will have a <Vehicles> tag that contains a list of <VehicleInfo> tags. Each contains the following values:

Parameter Type Optional Description
VehicleID string No The vehicle ID. That is also referred to as the tractor ID.
UA int Yes The comm unit serial number. If a vehicle does not have a UA, then this field will not be present for that vehicle
ELDMode string No The ELD Mode of the vehicle's mobile device. Possibilities are "ELD_Mode" and "AOBRD_Mode".
If a vehicle does not support dynamic configuration of HOS modes, then this parameter will return the true mode of the device
regardless of the mode that has been set via other web services (e.g. Update).
  <GetDeviceTypeInDepotResponse xmlns="">  
          <EldMode>AOBRD_Mode or ELD_Mode</EldMode>  
          <EldMode>AOBRD_Mode or ELD Mode</EldMode>  
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