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Get (Vehicle Function)

This function returns a Vehicle object with vehicle properties for the specified vehicle ID.

XML Request


  • null fields are the fields that are either omitted or initialized to a special value - string "NULL".
    • E.g., <Street>NULL<Street/> will be interpreted as a null field.
  • Empty string fields are, e.g., <Street /> or <Street></Street>

The Update function takes the following request parameters:

Parameter Type Optional Description
VehicleID Short No The vehicle ID whose data should be returned

XML Structure

    <Get xmlns="">  

XML Response


The web service method provides the following information in the response document.

Parameter Type Optional Description
VehicleID Short No The Vehicle ID
UA Int Yes The UA (MCT) assigned to the tractor. If the vehicle does not have a UA, then this field will not be present
Alias String Yes An alias for the vehicle
DepotId Short No The ID for the depot that this vehicle is assigned to
PlateNumber String Yes The license plate number for the vehicle
VehicleGroups Array of Strings No The HOS vehicle groups that this vehicle belongs to. Each will have the tag name <GroupName>. list could be empty

XML Structure

The XML response will have the following parameters:

    <GetResponse xmlns="">  
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