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This function returns a Carrier object that contains the properties for the carrier corresponding to the specified carrier name.

XML Request



This web service Method takes the following input parameters:

Parameter Type Optional Description
CarrierName String No The carrier whose data should be returned


XML Response



The web service method provides the following information in the response document.

Parameter Type Optional Description
Name String No The name of the carrier
Street String Yes The street address
Street2 String Yes The second line of the street address
City String Yes The city
State String Yes The state
Postal String Yes The postal code
FullName String Yes The full name from the address record as stored in the database
MiscInfo String Yes The MiscInfo from the address record as stored in the database
USDotNumber String Identifying number issued by DOT; Included if value is set


XML Structure


The XML response will have the following parameters:

<GetResponse xmlns="">


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