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UpdateDriver (Driver Function)

Update Driver data. If any of the fields are not specified then it uses the already stored values instead of replacing them with empty values like other update function.

XML Request

For multiple driver records, each driver must have its own <DriverData> tag. The Update function takes the following input parameters:

Parameter Type Description
DriverId String The driver ID for the driver being updated
UpdateDriverId String The new driver ID
Password String The driver's password
LastName String The driver's last name
FirstName String The driver's first name
DepotId Short The ID of the depot to which the driver belongs
DriverGroup String The group that the driver belongs to; if more than one, provide each string on a new line within the <DriverGroup> tag
DefaultRuleSet String The default driving rule set for this driver: USA, Canada, or Canada north of the 60th parallel; possible values are USA, CANMain, CANNorth, USACalifornia, USAFlorida, USATexas, USAAlaska
USDefaultDutyCycle Enum The driver's default duty cycle for a U.S. rule set; possible values are None (if a Canadian rule set is used), SevenDay, EightDay
CANDefaultDutyCycle Enum The driver's default duty cycle for a Canadian rule set; possible values are None(if a U.S. rule set is used), SevenDay, FourteenDay
    <UpdateDriver xmlns="">  

XML Response

The return result contains the Boolean parameter <UpdateResult>, which indicates whether the update was successful (true) or not (false).

    <UpdateDriverResponse xmlns="">  
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