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Add (Vehicle Function)

This function adds a single vehicle record. To add more than one load, use the AddEx function.

XML Request

The Add function takes the following request parameters:

Parameter Type Description
MCT Integer The MCT number assigned to the tractor
Alias String String representing a name for the tractor
DepotId Short Depot that the tractor belongs to
TractorId String Unique identifier for this tractor
VIN String Vehicle Identification Number (must be 17 characters), optional field
VehicleGroup String Group the tractor belongs to; if more than one, provide each string on a new line within the <VehicleGroup> tag
ELDMode Enum Desired operating mode of the mobile device on the vehicle; As of Release 5.3, all new vehicles will be set to ELD_Mode, regardless of input value, as long as the unit belongs to customer's account.
    <Add xmlns="">  

XML Response

The return result indicates success or failure via SOAP exceptions.

    <AddResponse xmlns="" />  
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