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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Administration Menu

Administration Setup

The Administration tab provides access to the Administration pages. Take a few moments to go through the setup process

Administration Pages

  • Web Service User create and maintain web service users
  • Carrier create and maintain all carriers
  • Depot create and maintain all depots
  • Driver create and maintain all drivers
  • Vehicle create and maintain all vehicles
  • Group create and maintain all driver and vehicle groups
  • Intrastate Rules change the rule set for intrastate drivers
  • HOS Setup define and modify HOS system settings
  • Office maintain the fleet home office address
  • Hours of Service (Driver) give driver access to a web browser where they can check in, check out, and view, print, and save HOS logs
  • Email Alerts setup and maintain email alerts
  • Password change your password (using the Services Portal preferences menu)
  • ERODS (Request) send a driver's eRODS to en email address or by web services to an inspection officer
  • ERODS (Status) see the status of historical eRODS requests for the past seven (7) days



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