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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

eRODS Status

The ERODS Status report shows who and from what application your employees sent ERODS to the FMCSA.

Select By Driver / Select by Driver Group
Select how you want to find your drivers.
Driver ID / Driver Group
Type the ID of the driver or select a driver group to report.
Start date / End date
The date range for the report. Click the icon to open a calendar pop-up and select a date.
Select where the ERODS request originated:

  • Mobile Requests - sent from an in-cab device
  • Portal Requests - sent from the host software

Select a format
View, export, and/or print your report in one of the following formats:

  • Excel (spreadsheet)
  • HTML (best for viewing)
  • PDF (best for printing)

Click the View Report button to generate your report.

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