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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Intrastate Rules

Certain states have different rules from Federal (US) rules if the driver's routes never cross the state line. Intrastate Rules allows you to select a state rule set and assign available drivers to it. 

Filter By / Depot or Group
Use these filter criteria to view a list of available drivers in the selected depot or group, or list all drivers.
Rule set
Select an intrastate rule set to assign from the drop-down list. Only the states that your company supports are listed.
Assign rule set
Based on the specified depot, group, or all drivers, you see a list of available drivers and their current rule set in the box on the left, and the list of drivers using the selected rule set on the right.
To add drivers to the selected rule set, select them from the box on the left and click Add.
To reassign drivers to the US rule set, select them from the box on the right and click Remove.
Use shift+click and control+click to select multiple drivers.

When you save changes, a message goes to the mobile unit the driver is logged in to and updates his/her rule set.

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