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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Carrier Administration

Use Carrier Administration to create or modify carriers. Carriers are assigned to drivers.

Note: If your drivers select a carrier in the HOS application on the mobile unit, you must create at least two carriers. After you assign a carrier to a driver, you can no longer assign "No Carrier" to that driver. It is recommended that you create your company as a carrier.

The red arrow indicates a required field. Spaces are not allowed at the beginning or end of any entry.

The DOT number assigned to your company by the FMCSA.
Select the carrier to view in the drop-down list. To add a new carrier, select New Carrier.
Carrier name
The name of the carrier. The carrier name must be at least four characters long and use numbers, letters, periods, and hyphens, but no other special characters.
Street, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal
The complete address of the carrier. Standard punctuation is allowed.
Misc Info
Type additional information about this location for your reference. Maximum is 50 characters.
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