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Driver Administration


Host users create drivers in QTRACS and modify them in Hours of Service. If you are not using the Entity Management Bridge, you must create drivers in QTRACS, then again in HOS, with all data matching exactly. Be aware that drivers may be deleted from QTRACS but they cannot be deleted from HOS because eRODS and logs must be retained for six months. If the driver has no duty status activity after six months, the driver and all associated driving records are removed automatically.

Viewing and Editing Driver Records

  1. Select the depot from the Depot list. The depot is the home base for associated drivers and defines a driver's time zone and the start of day for the HOS logs. The depot you choose determines the list of drivers available in the Driver list.
  2. From the Driver list, select the driver whose record you want to view or edit. Select "New Driver" to add a driver to the selected depot.

The fields are described in the table below. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk. (In the Hours of Service application, required fields are indicated by a red arrow.)

Field Value Description
Driver ID * Alphanumeric

The Driver ID matching the dispatch system. The driver ID must match the ID assigned to this driver in the QTRACS application. If Hours of Service is integrated with your dispatch system, the driver ID must match the dispatch system exactly. Drivers use these values to log into the mobile unit, so make them simple, but not easy for another driver to guess.

Note: In the QTRACS application, the corresponding driver ID field holds a maximum of 10 characters and the password field holds a maximum of 8 characters. Although the HOS driver ID and password fields can contain up to 20 alphanumeric characters, you must enter a driver ID and password that do not exceed the maximums allowed in the QTRACS driver ID and password fields. You must have a minimum of 4 characters.

Password * Alphanumeric Omnitracs' in-cab hardware password.
Enabled for Canadian Rules Yes

When set to Yes, the driver can use Canadian rules. This field is only available if your company has contracted to use Canadian rules. By default, this field will be set to Yes for any new driver created while your company is enabled for Canadian rules.

US duty cycle 7 days
8 days

The number of days in the duty cycle (US).

Select the U.S. and Canada duty cycle duration to assign to the driver. The Canada duty cycle options are available only if your fleet operates in Canada. If you are unable to adjust these settings, contact your customer experience representative.

Canada duty cycle 7 days
14 days
The number of days in the duty cycle (Canada).
Current Operating Zone USA
Canada North
Canada South

The driver's Operating Zone.

Note: This setting is only available upon set-up. Future changes must be made using the editing function. Drivers are the only users who can move between a Canadian or U.S. operating zone after the driver setup is completed.

Intrastate CA

To change a driver's rule set from U.S. federal rules to intrastate rules, select the appropriate state under Intrastate. To switch back to federal rules, select the Return to Federal Rules button.

Note: Intrastate settings are only configurable if the driver is currently in the USA Operating Zone. Transitions to and from intrastate and federal U.S. regulations are controlled by admin users and only for drivers who need to move between intrastate regulations and U.S. federal rules.


Allow Rest Break Exemption Yes

Select Yes to allow this driver to be exempt from the 30-minute rest break. This setting must be turned off manually when the driver is no longer hauling an exempt load.

Allow Personal Conveyance Yes

Select Yes if the driver is permitted to use the company vehicle for personal conveyance, such as driving home from the depot. If you select No, the off-duty driving status is not available to the driver on the mobile unit. If a driver is using an AOBRD, this is recorded as off-duty driving.

Allow Yard Move Yes

Select Yes to allow this driver to record yard moves in vehicles equipped with ELDs. Be aware that the driver must meet the following criteria to select yard move:

  • The driver must be active
  • The unit must be on USA rules
  • The ignition must be on
Allow 16 Hour Exception Yes
When set to Yes, allows US 16-hour exception for this driver.
Allow US 24-Hour Weekly Reset Yes

Select Yes if the driver is allowed to use the 24-hour weekly reset option. This setting is only available if the driver's current rule set is USA or TX (Texas Intrastate). If enabled, this driver's 7- or 8-hour duty status duration (depending on the U.S. duty cycle) ends at the start of an off-duty segment of 24 or more hours.

This driver setting appears if 24 hour weekly reset on the HOS Setup tab is checked.

Allow US Well Site Wait Time Yes

Select Yes to allow the driver to record wait time at a natural gas or oil well site (Off-Duty status or Sleeper Berth status) so that the wait time does not count against the driver's daily 14-hour on-duty limit. This setting is only available if the driver's current rule set is USA or TX. If enabled, this driver can mark the wait time as "At Well Site" on the mobile unit.

This driver setting appears if Well site wait time on the HOS Setup tab is checked.

Allow Hazmat Loads Yes

Select Yes to allow drivers to take rest breaks while in on-duty status. Enable this setting for drivers who are required to remain with the vehicle at all times because of the material they are hauling. If enabled, the driver can mark on-duty time as a rest break on the mobile unit.

This driver setting is only available if Hazmat Loads on the HOS Setup tab is checked.

Note: The regulations only allow carriers of certain classes of explosives to use the on-duty rest break option. Regulation 397.5 states:

"(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, a motor vehicle which contains a Division 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3 (explosive) material must be attended at all times by its driver or a qualified representative of the motor carrier that operates it."

Only use the Hazmat Loads option for drivers hauling this material. Any other use of the Hazmat Loads exception is not allowed under the regulations.

First Name * Alphanumeric The driver's first name. The name must be at least two characters long.

Last Name * Alphanumeric The driver's last name. The name must be at least two characters long. The driver uses the last name to log in to the Hours of Service (Driver) web site along with their driver ID and password.
License Number * Alphanumeric The driver's CDL number.
License Issued by Country and state drop-down lists

The country and state or province that issued the license. The list of available states depends on the country selected.

US ELD Exempt * Yes
Select Yes if the driver is exempt from the U.S. ELD mandate.
Assign/change depot * Drop-down list

The depot the driver is assigned to. To assign a different depot from the one at the top of the page, select it from the drop-down list.

Assign/change Carrier Drop-down list

The carrier the driver is assigned to, if any.

To assign a different carrier, select it from the drop-down list. After you assign a carrier to a driver, you cannot change the driver record back to No Carrier.

If a driver is logged into a vehicle when you add or change the carrier, the carrier information is sent to the mobile immediately. If the driver is not logged in, carrier information is sent to the mobile the next time the driver logs in. New carriers are created on the Carrier tab.

Groups * Drop-down list The groups the driver belongs to, if any. To add or remove a selected group, use Ctrl+click to select or deselect the group and save the record.
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