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HOS Driver Administration

Hours of Service (Driver) Settings

The HOS (Driver) tab allows you to enable and disable driver access to an HOS driver web portal. When you enable HOS (Driver), all company drivers have access. 

The Driver HOS portal lets drivers view and print their logs. If you check Enable Clock In/Out (Driver), then drivers can also clock in (change current duty status to on-duty) and clock out (change current duty status to off-duty) in the portal.

When you enable access, you must send or give your drivers the URL to the web site. Drivers log in using the driver ID and password they use to log in to the mobile unit, and the last name that appears after logging in.

After enabling the following settings, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Enable HOS (Driver)
Check this box to enable access to the Hours of Service (Driver) portal for all drivers at your company.
Enable Clock In/Out (Driver)
Check this box to allow drivers to clock in and out using the Hours of Service (Driver) portal.
Terms of Service
By enabling Hours of Service (Driver), you are agreeing to the Terms of Service on behalf of your company.
Access Information

This section appears below the Terms of Service after you enable the Hours of Service (Driver) portal and save it. Provide this information to drivers so they can log in to the web site.

  • URL: The link that drivers click to access the login page for Hours of Service (Driver).
  • Company Name: The company name that drivers type to log in to Hours of Service (Driver).
  • Direct URL: Provide this link to drivers to pre-fill your company name on the Hours of Service (Driver) login page. Drivers who use this URL don't need to remember the company name.

To log in, drivers type their mobile unit driver ID and password and the last name that appears on the mobile unit after a successful login.

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