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Driver Details

Driver Details displays a history of status changes for a selected period. The driver's duty statuses can be edited. The data is refreshed each time the driver sends a status change; press F5 to refresh the page manually.

Drivers are not allowed to edit driving time, however, they can change non-driving statuses, such as on-duty, off- duty, or sleeper berth. This ability is enabled in the Administration - HOS Setup page. Web application users with authority (based on their assigned role) can correct driving time.

The driver's name, ID, and the vehicle the driver is currently logged into are listed at the top. Also listed is the date and time the clocks were last recalculated (see definition below), the assigned rule set, and the duty cycle. The time shown is in the time zone of the driver's depot.

Note: After you edit a driver's logs, HOS sends the updates to the driver at a set duration, typically 15 minutes. If the driver is logged out or in sleeper berth status, the system sends logs when the driver logs in or changes status. To send the updated logs immediately, click Send Logs.

Last Recalc
Shows the last time the driver logs were compared to the Hours of Service rules. This comparison determines whether any warnings or violations have occurred, and updates all of the HOS clocks (for example, Driving Hours, On Duty Hours, etc.). These clock values are independent of the historic period selected for the chart.
Operating Under Rest Break Exemption
This field displays if the driver can use a rest break exemption. This feature is enabled for the driver under Driver Administration.
Hours to be Gained
Hours the driver gains back on his or her clock at midnight based on the weekly rule.
Hours to Be Gained in 2 Days
Hours the driver gains back on his or her clock at midnight tomorrow night, based on the weekly rule.
Last (34 hr) Reset
For U.S. Rules. The date and time the driver completed the previous 34-hour reset segment. For drivers set up with the 24-hour weekly reset, Last (24hr) Reset appears.
Off Duty Deferral
  For Canadian Rules. Denotes which deferral day the driver is currently on, either NoneDay1 or Day2.
HOS hours table
The table shows the remaining time before the driver violates Hours of Service rules. The clocks that appear differ based on the rules for the current region as shown below. The Next Break information only appears for drivers who are running under a rule set that requires them to follow the rest break rule: 30 min of off duty time required for every 8 hours of on duty and driving times.

Negative numbers indicate that the driver violated the rule. A red background indicates that the driver is in violation and is still driving (for a driving violation) or in a working violation (Canadian Rules). A yellow background indicates that the driver has received a warning of an impending violation.

US Rules
Here is a summary of the countdown clocks; the lowest of the clocks is the DOT or MOT Clock time.
DOT Clock Driving On Duty Next Break * Cumulative On Duty
8h00 11h00 14h00 8h00 70h00

* This column does not display when the driver is operating under a rest break exemption.

Canadian Rules

Shift Hours are the number of hours remaining before the driver must take a mandatory off duty rest period of at least eight hours. Days Off Remaining shows the number of hours before the driver must begin a mandatory 24 off duty period.

Work Left clock give the minimum applicable value out of all daily-off-duty clocks. This field will display N/A if the driver has already completed his hours off for that day.
MOT Clock On Duty Shift DayOff Remaining Work Left Cumulative On Duty
13h00 14h00 16h00 336h00 14h00 70h00
Will Pair SB checkbox

The Will Pair SB checkbox allows the optimistic clock to be displayed based on a paired sleeper berth.

Duty status changes
From the drop-down list, select the time-frame for which you want to view driver logs.
Driver Chart
Click "Driver Chart" to go to a page that displays a color-coded graph representing the driver's activity over the course of that driver's duty cycle (7 or 8 days for US drivers, 7 or 14 days for Canadian drivers).
Send Logs
To optimize data traffic back to the vehicle, updated logs are batched. When no further updates are made for 5 minutes, changes are sent over-the-air to the vehicle. To send logs immediately and skip the batching, click Send Logs.
Note: Even when you click Send Logs, if the driver is logged out, he will get the new logs once he logs back in. And if the driver is in SB, and the system has been configured to not send logs to drivers in SB, then the system waits to send the logs until the driver changes duty status.
Change Status
Click to change the driver's status, including logging the driver out.
Duty Status
The driver's current duty status:
On-Duty, Driving Driving Sleeper Berth Sleeper Berth
On-Duty, Not Driving On Duty (not driving) Off-Duty Driving Personal Conveyance
Off-Duty Off Duty  Yard Move
Other icons that may appear include:
Record Approved Driver approved the duty status record.
Sensor Failure Sensor failure. The driver was notified to keep paper logs until further notice .
Exception Selected Driver selected an exception (16-hour request, off duty deferral, or ferry crossing).
Remark A remark was added. Hover your cursor over the icon to see the remark.
oilwell During this duty status the driver waited in an oil field and used the oil field exemption (time does not count against the driver's daily on duty limit).
rest hazmat This duty status log is a rest break while on duty because the driver was carrying a Hazmat load.
Off Duty If a duty status was changed, a faded icon indicates the original status.

In this example, the current status is off duty  and the original status is on duty not driving  (faded).

Time Started
The time that the duty status began. The first time is in the driver's time zone. The time in brackets is the time zone of the driver's depot.
Duration / Distance
The length of time in the status and the distance traveled during a driving status. Distance is blank for non-driving statuses. If the driver is operating under a rest break exemption, this field indicated when the exemption was started.
Tractor ID
The ID of the vehicle the driver was logged in to for the duty status.
The vehicle's position when the duty status began.
The driver ID of a logged-in co-driver.

Click  to correct the selected duty status. Click Insert On duty to add on duty time to the log of a driver who is currently off duty and not logged in. To undo the edit, click .
If you see this iconOn-Duty, Driving, you can reassign that drive time to another driver, and if you see this icon , you can annotate the driving record.

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