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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

How Personal Conveyance Works

Personal conveyance, previously known as off-duty driving, refers to instances when a driver uses the vehicle for personal transportation. Personal conveyance time accumulates when the driver selects the duty status and is not tied to when the wheels move.

To use personal conveyance within your fleet:

  1. In Hours of Service, under Administration HOS Setup, enable personal conveyance for your company and identify the number of minutes drivers can use the vehicle for personal conveyance.
  2. Drivers manually change their duty status to Off Duty and identify that they are in Personal Conveyance.
  3. When drivers are no longer in personal conveyance, they change their duty status to the next appropriate duty status (usually Off Duty).

If a driver exceeds the personal conveyance limit you identify, the driver is notified that the time threshold has been exceeded, but the driver is not automatically placed into another duty status.

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