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Correct Duty Status

In the Correct Duty Status window, you can manually change a driver's duty status. To open the Correct Duty Status window, navigate to the Driver Details window and select the edit icon for the relevant duty status.

A duty status can be changed or you can split it into two records. When you split the record, one record retains the old status and the second is assigned to a new status. Segments can be split repeatedly to create multiple edits for one original duty status. If you undo a correction, all corrections made to an original duty status are undone.

After you save an edit with a remark, a text icon appears next to the duty status on the Driver Details page. Hover over the icon to display the remark.

Note: Administrative users cannot edit a driver's Record of Duty Status (RODS) until the driver has certified that status. The edit icon is grayed out and unavailable for editing driver's RODS that have not yet been certified.

The following information appears in the header of the window:


An ELD Device label in the header of the Correct Duty Status window indicates that the reporting device is running ELD-compliant firmware and ELD mode is active. Edits to ELD-enabled devices show PENDING until the driver reviews and approves the changes. If the driver is not logged in, you will see Driver Not Logged In in the header.
An AOBRD Device label in the header indicates that the reporting device is an AOBRD. Edits to units with AOBRD firmware update within 15 minutes, assuming the driver is logged in.
The status, date, and time that you are manually correcting.
Duty status
Select the new duty status from the drop-down list.
Select an exception if applicable:
  • 16-hour Request (US only): Exemption can be granted only once in 7 days following 10 or more hours off-duty and/or sleeper berth time.
  • Off-Duty Deferral, Ferry Crossing: Apply only in Canada.
  • Wait-Oil Well: Applies to drivers who are set up to take this exemption.
  • Rest-Hazmat (on-duty only): Applies to drivers who are set up to take rest breaks while on duty.
Scissors Icon 
Select the scissors icon to split a duty status record or to go back to the original single record. When you split a record, you can specify a different duty status, the date and time it began, its duration, and the location of the vehicle when the duty status began.
If you are splitting a record, enter the correct information for the start of the new duty status. Time stamps and duration of duty status information change as you update this information.
The duration of the duty status in hours and minutes.
Vehicle Location
The vehicle's position at the time of the duty status. This position is relative to the nearest town, city, or point of interest. You can adjust the location if necessary.
For MCPs, this is the distance driven for a recorded or added driving segment. You can adjust the mileage in whole numbers.

Note: If you split a duty status, the point of interest (POI) and other location information are copied to the second part of the split. The POI is expected in the format "City, State/Province," where state or province is abbreviated.

Check to indicate that the off-duty time was in a moving vehicle. Off-duty time captured in a moving vehicle is subject to the rules of the On Duty Time Definition (Passenger rule). Uncheck the box to indicate the vehicle was not moving during this off-duty time. This check box is only available for OFf Duty and (ELD) Personal Conveyance statuses. 

Note: When a driver is in personal conveyance status and an inactive driver (passenger) is in off-duty status while the vehicle is moving, the inactive driver is subject to the On Duty Time Definition (or Passenger rule).

Under Rest Break Exemption
Check to indicate that the driver was under a rest break exemption during this segment.

Type a short explanation about why the status changed or select from the list of pre-defined remarks. Add up to two remarks for each duty status. The first 16 characters of the remark appear on the mobile display (Omnitracs only). Your ability to type free-form text in this field is controlled by settings in the Administration > HOS Setup window.

To remove a remark, delete the text from the Remarks field. To change an existing remark, edit the text.

Edit Reason
Type a short explanation about why you are editing this log or select from the list of pre-defined edit reasons. When a driver edits his log and types an edit reason, the reason does not appear here. Edit reasons you enter replace any reason notes previously entered by a driver or a host user. Your ability to type free-form text in this field, and whether this field is required, is controlled by settings in the Administration > HOS Setup window.
When you save a corrected log, it is sent to the mobile unit for driver approval.
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