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Correct Driver Hours

Admin users can edit driver hours to correct duty status errors.

Note: You cannot edit automatically recorded driving time for either ELD or AOBRD vehicles. This limitation includes a prohibition against shortening or reassigning drive time to anyone other than an authenticated co-driver in a team driving situation. Drivers and motor carriers are limited to annotating driving events that were created in error.

In addition, administrative users cannot edit a driver's RODS until the driver has certified it. The edit icon is grayed out and unavailable for editing driver's RODS that have not yet been certified.

Web application users with the appropriate role can correct driving time. An exclamation point icon failure.gif indicates that there was a system or sensor failure requiring the driver to keep paper logs.

When you edit a duty status, you see one of three identifiers in the header of the Correct Duty Status window: 

  • Driver Not Logged In: The log edits will be approved only after the driver logs in and reviews them.
  • AOBRD: The logs are automatically approved when downloaded to the in-cab device.
  • ELD: The driver must review and approve the changes you make. When the sensor error is corrected, follow these steps to update the drivers hours.
  1. On the Drivers tab, select Driver and then select the driver name from the Make Selection list.
  2. Select the Detail button in the Driver ID column.
    the Driver Details icon
  3. Select the edit icon  the Edit icon to edit a non-current duty status; select the Add On Duty icon  the Edit- Add on Duty icon to edit a driver's current duty status when the driver is Off Duty and not logged into the mobile. Depending on your selection, the Correct Duty Status or Add on duty window opens. The following instructions refer to the Correct Duty Status window, but the steps are the same for both windows.
    Note: If the driver has not yet certified the log, the edit icon is grayed out and unavailable.

    For more information about what to consider when editing current duty status, see Correct Current Duty Status.

  4. If you need to split the original duty status, select the scissors icon underneath the duty status list. A second set of editing fields appears in the bottom half of the window.
  5. Select the correct duty status from the status drop-down list.
    Note: If you selected the Add On Duty icon, you can only edit the current status to On Duty.
  6. If applicable, select an exception from the drop-down list.
  7. Edit the duration in minutes. The duration converts to hours/minutes.
  8. If necessary, edit the location information.
    Note: If you split a duty status, the Point of Interest (POI) and other location information is copied to the second part of the split. You may edit the city and state or province using the format "City, State/Province" and the standard abbreviation for the state or province.
  9. If necessary, modify the distance driven.
  10. Check or uncheck Moving, as applicable.
    Note: This option is only available if the duty status is Off Duty or (ELD) Personal Conveyance.
  11. Check or uncheck Under Rest Break Exemption, as applicable.
  12. In the Remarks field, type a short explanation of what happened during the status or select from the list of pre-defined remarks.
  13. In the Edit Reason field, type a short explanation of why you are making this edit or select from the list of pre-defined edit reasons.
  14. Select Save.

After you edit a driver's logs, HOS sends the updates to the driver at a set duration, typically 15 minutes. If the driver is logged out or in Sleeper Berth status, the system waits until the driver logs in or changes status to send the updated logs. To send the updated log to the mobile immediately, click the Send Logs button.

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