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User Role Administration

The User Role Administration tab allows you to create, modify, and delete user roles for HOS. A user role is a collection of permissions (rights) to access and perform specific administrative tasks. Only one role can be assigned to a user. An arrow required.gif indicates a required field.

User Role
Select the user roles you want to work with. To create a role, select New Role.
Role description
The name of the role such as Safety Manager or Dispatcher. Descriptions can contain up to fifty alphanumeric characters. Special characters or punctuation marks are not allowed. Spaces are not allowed at the beginning or end of the entry.
The permissions assigned to each role. The HOS Administrator has all permissions. Administrative rights include:
  • User Role Administration: create and maintain roles (for example Safety Manager or Dispatcher
  • User Administration: create users who can log in to HOS software
  • Depot Administration: create depots (terminals) to which vehicles and drivers are assigned
  • Driver Administration: create drivers
  • Vehicle Administration: create vehicles
  • HOS Setup Administration: modify HOS system settings
  • Group Administration: create groups of drivers and vehicles
  • Office Administration: enter and maintain the company's main office address
  • All Duty Status Edits: edit a driver's duty status activities and assign unassigned driving time to drivers
  • Non Driving Edits: make changes to a driver's non driving duty status activities (e.g., sleeper berth time).
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