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User Administration

The User Administration tab allows you create, modify, and delete HOS user accounts. A red arrow required.gif indicates a required field. Spaces are not allowed at the beginning or end of entries.

Select a user to work with. To create a user, select New User.
User name
The ID (up to 50 characters) the user enters to log into HOS software. User names may be an abbreviation (such as JGARDNER), or the name (such as JOHN GARDNER). You can use periods, apostrophes, and hyphens, but no other special characters. Spaces are allowed, but not at the beginning or end of the name. You can't change a user name after you save it.
Full name
The first and last name of a user, up to 48 characters.
Depot name
Select the user's assigned depot.
Type the password for this user account. Password rules include:
  • Between eight and thirty-five alphanumeric characters
  • Case sensitive
  • Must contain at least one number, one upper case letter, and one lower case letter
  • Special characters and punctuation marks allowed; quotation marks or brackets cannot be used as the first or last character
  • No spaces allowed at the beginning or end of a password; spaces are allowed between characters
Retype the password.
Select the role assigned to the user. Each role has its own set of permissions.
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