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Select Notification Times

In this step, you define the days and times during which alerts are sent.

Time Zone
From the drop-down list, select the time zone for the clock used to send email alerts. For example, if you select Pacific Time and 8am - 5pm, a user in Central Time will receive email alerts from 10am - 7pm.
Also, the event time timestamp in the email alert message is converted to the time zone you select.
Notification Times
Define the times during which the system sends alerts. Consider who your recipients are when you define these times.
  • Define time segments: Click and drag the edges of the bars to change the duration. You can define up to two segments for each day. To add a segment, click in the empty space and drag, then adjust the duration.
  • Copy time segments: Right click the time segment to copy the segment and paste it on another day.
  • Move time segments: Drag and drop a time segment onto an empty day to move it to another day. Drag a segment to an empty place in the day to change its duration.
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