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Group Administration

Group Administration allows you to create, modify, or delete driver and/or vehicle groups that are used only in HOS. HOS does not yet use global groups.

The red arrow indicates a required field. Spaces are not allowed at the beginning or end of any entry. 

Driver group / Vehicle group
Select an option to work with either driver or vehicle groups.
Select a depot to work with associated groups, or leave the default Global Groups to work with groups not associated with a depot.
Select the group to view or select New Group to create a new driver or vehicle group.
Group name
The name of the group, up to forty alphanumeric characters. You can use periods and hyphens, but no other special characters.
Available / Selected members
Use shift+click or control+click to select available drivers or vehicles, then click Add to add them to the group. To remove drivers or vehicles, select them in the Selected members list and click Remove.
Delete Group
Click to delete the selected group. This button appears only if you are viewing an existing group.

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