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View Key Measure Graph

View Key Measure Graph

The graph to the right of the Key Measures panel plots the selected key measure over the specified time for the selected, authorized assets. To see a different key measure, click beside its name in the list on the left.

  • Each point represents data received from an extraction cycle.
  • The dashed line represents the target
  • The shaded area represents the volume of the information type shown on the right vertical axis to help you interpret the importance of the data represented in the graph.
  • Icons above the vertical axis represent the units of measure.


 fuel_icon.gif Fuel efficiency (MPG, KPM, L/100KM, KPG, DGE)
 distance_units.gif Total distance (miles or kilometers)
 percentage_units.gif Over idle, RPM, speed, time in cruise control, or time in top gear (percentage)
 time_units.gif Engine or moving time (minutes)

Incorrect or incomplete data is automatically omitted in calculations. Click here to learn more about omitted data.The list below the graph shows the top or bottom performers. The list includes vehicles or drivers depending on the selection criteria specified at the top of the page. Up to 250 vehicles or drivers are listed. Click Top Performers or Bottom Performers to switch views.

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