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Omitting Bad Extract Data

Omitting Bad Extract Data

Occasionally an extract contains incorrect or incomplete data caused by:

  • Old firmware that does not capture all data or that has defects fixed in a later release
  • Miswired sensors or a malfunction in the ECM

To improve the accuracy of data presented on Fuel Manager screens, data that can be identified as incorrect or incomplete is automatically omitted. It is not removed from the database and can still be included in Performance Monitoring reports.

Examples of incorrect data that is omitted includes (this is not a complete list):

  • Fuel efficiency: Idle or PTO fuel consumed is higher than total fuel
  • Idling: Engine time is a negative number or zero, or less that PTO or idle time
  • Speeding: Moving time is a negative number or zero
  • RPM: Engine, over RPM, or over speed time is a negative number or zero
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