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Reports Overview

The accuracy of data in reports and queries is based on having timely extractions. Use the following steps to ensure you get all extractions at the end of a cycle:

  • Ensure all data is received within 24 hours of the extraction request. You can set up an alert to be notified if an extract is overdue.
  • For failed requests, resend the extraction request before the end of the 24-hour extraction cycle.
  • Credit insignificant data to the administrative (TRASHCAN) driver account.

Run a report

The information below your name on the right tells you which assets you are working with based on global group membership. Click the linked text to change your global group filter. Only select, authorized assets are included when you generate a report.

  1. Click Reports
  2. Locate the report to run in the list and click to select. Report options appear in the panel on the right
  3. Type or select the date range or extraction cycle(s) to include
  4. If listed, select the filtering options to use. Filtering options let you omit bad data from the report
  5. Enter remaining report options. For fuel and safely analysis reports, the options are available based on the selection and sort choices
  6. When you're finished, click Generate report now. The page reloads with the date and time you generated the report icon_processing (1).gif
  7. Processing icons indicate that the report is processing. Refresh the browser page to see when the report is finished
  8. Click pdf_icon (1).gif to view or print the report, or excel_icon.gif to download a .csv file.

Each time you open the Reports tab, the last report of each type that you generated appears with the report generation time stamp. To view past reports, click Report History. The length of time your reports are kept is specified in your Performance Monitoring company settings.

icon_autogen.gif next to a report indicates that the report is autogenerated.

Delete a report

  1. Click Report History
  2. Click the check box next to the report you wish to delete
  3. Select Delete from the drop-down list at the bottom of the page
  4. Click OK.
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