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Set up Alerts

Set up Alerts

Note: A medium priority alert is sent when a fault is generated and when an extract is received.

There are three steps to defining alerts:

  1. Set up overrange parameter thresholds that, when exceeded, generate an auto-extract.
  2. Enable alerts.
  3. Set user preferences for receiving alerts. This step is completed by every user who is a member of a vehicle coverage. All Performance Monitoring alerts are medium priority.

Set overrange parameter thresholds

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Vehicle Types.
  3. Click Fleetwide Overrange Parameters at the top of the list.

    By default, all parameters are disabled. Click here to see recommended settings.

    Note: Consult with your customer service representative (CSR) before changing the recommended settings.

  4. Click edit.
  5. Change the settings as desired.
  6. Click save.

Enable alerts

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Company Settings.
  3. Click the Notify overdue extracts check box to receive alerts for failed extractions.
  4. Click the Notify MCT autoextracts check box to receive alerts when a driver exceeds fleetwide overrange thresholds.
  5. If needed, update the Alert recipient in the Alerts section of the page.

    This user receives all Performance Monitoring notifications based on user preference settings (described below).

  6. Click Save.
Set user alert preferences

Performance Monitoring alerts use medium priority alert settings. Alert preferences apply to medium priority alerts and notifications across all Services Portal applications. Each Services Portal user can set his or her notification preferences using the following procedure. Note that only the recipient specified in Company Settings (based on the procedure described above) receives Performance Monitoring alerts.

To set alert preferences, the user specified in Performance Monitoring Company Settings does the following:

  1. Roll over Administration at the top of the page and click Preferences.
  2. Click the Alerts tab.
  3. Check the box next to each desired notification method.
    • You must enable the Notifier window for medium priority alerts to flash an icon in the Notifier window and hear a tone.
    • You must have a valid email and/or pager email address (General tab) to receive email or pager notification.
  4. Click Save.
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