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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Omnitracs Tax Manager 1.2 - New Features and Enhancements


Omnitracs Tax Manager 1.2 will be released on Friday, May 15, and will contain the following new features, enhancements, and software corrections.

App Admin Tab

A new tab has been added to Omnitracs Tax Manager, App Admin.  Currently, it contains the screens necessary for the administration of new tax accounts.

Tax Accounts Screen

Note: Customers will now be required to create a company and assign trucks in order to create a tax filing.

The Tax Accounts screen allows you to add, edit, or delete tax accounts, which can be assigned or unassigned to your company's vehicles. 


Additionally, when generating a new tax filing (in the Tax Filing Screen), an updated dialog will allow a user to choose which tax account the filing is for.

For more information, see The Tax Accounts Screen.

Jurisdiction Crossing Report

The Jurisdiction Crossing report has been added to Omnitracs Tax Manager.  The Jurisdiction Crossing report provides details about each time a vehicle crossed from one IFTA taxing jurisdiction into another. This report includes information such as the date, time, vehicle latitude/longitude, vehicle odometer, and the name of the jurisdictions the vehicle entered and departed.

For more information, see the Knowledge Base article, Jurisdiction Crossing Report.

Software Corrections


Issue key Release Notes Component
TM-748 Comments on the Add/Edit Fuel Receipt page were not being saved, or displayed correctly.  This has been resolved. Fuel Screen
TM-799 The Add/Edit Distance page now has a Comments field. Distance Screen
TM-1177 Naming conventions surrounding certain fields have been standardized, i.e., the VehicleID field will always be referred to as the VehicleID field.  
TM-1182 When generating a tax filing for Idaho, PDFs were unable to be generated.  This has been resolved. Tax Filings Screen