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Jurisdiction Crossing Report


The Jurisdiction Crossing Report provides details about each time a vehicle crossed from one IFTA taxing jurisdiction into another. This report includes information such as the date, time, GPS coordinates, vehicle odometer, and the name of the jurisdictions the vehicle entered and departed.

You can view the Jurisdiction Crossing Report on your monitor, print the report, or export the report data in PDF, Word, Excel, or CSV format. See Running a Report for general information about running a report. 

Only vehicles that have crossed a jurisdiction boundary are included in this report. Vehicles that have not crossed a jurisdiction boundary during the selected date range are not included.

To obtain mileage driven by vehicles that did not cross a boundary, see the Distance by Jurisdiction report.

 See The Reports Screen for general information about running a report.


Jurisdiction Crossing Report

Data Retention

Per regulation, and to assist in an auditing process, IFTA report data is retained for a minimum of six years.

Report Details

The table below provides the path to the report and shows the reporting period and range.

Report Location Reports tab > Fuel by Jurisdiction
Data Retention Data is retained for six years.
Maximum Reporting Period 92 days or less
Earliest Start Date Earliest date when started or 7 years

Report Fields

The table below shows the fields that are contained in the report.

Attribute (Field Name) Description
Vehicle ID ID of the vehicle that crossed jurisdiction.
Date/Time of Crossing Date and time when vehicle crossed jurisdiction.
Latitude Latitude value when vehicle crossed jurisdiction.
Longitude Longitude value when vehicle crossed jurisdiction.
Odometer Odometer reading of vehicle when crossing jurisdiction.
Leaving Jurisdiction Original jurisdiction of vehicle.
Entering Jurisdiction Destination jurisdiction of vehicle.


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