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Personal Conveyance

The Personal Conveyance report shows the driving events when the driver used the vehicle for personal conveyance within the time frame you specify. Under Administration > HOS Setup, you can specify if personal conveyance is allowed within your fleet, and if allowed, the number of minutes (up to 1440, all day) each driver may driver using the special condition "personal conveyance" per day (midnight to midnight).

Note: Entries listed in red are in violation of your personal conveyance threshold.

Select by Driver ID or Select by Driver Group
Click to select the way to run the report: for a single driver or for all drivers in a group. When you select how you're reporting, the next field is either Driver ID or Driver Group.
Driver ID or Driver group
If reporting on a driver, type the driver ID. If reporting on a group of drivers, select ALL or one group from the drop-down.
Start date / End date
Select beginning and end dates for the reporting period by clicking the calendar and clicking a date. Data is stored for a maximum of 180 days.
Select a format

Select what format to view, export, and/or print the report:

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • HTML (best if viewing on-screen only)
  • PDF (best if printing)
  • XML

Click View Report to generate the report. Depending on how many drivers and the date range, this report may take over a minute to run.

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