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Personal Conveyance: Depot Analysis

You are now viewing personal conveyance events (greater than 60 minutes long) for the depot and date range you selected. The depot name and date range is listed above the table.

The table lists:

Column Description
Driver Last name, First name, and driver ID of the driver who took personal conveyance
Event Type Type of event - Personal Conveyance
Duration How long the event occurred
Event Time The date and time the event began
TOTAL Totals number of hours in personal conveyance for that depot

Click export to export this data to Microsoft Excel.
Click a driver name to drill down and see all of the personal conveyance events for that driver.
Click Event Time to see personal conveyance time as it appears (as a dark red bar) in that driver's log.
Click Back to return to the list of personal conveyance events across depots. You can then select a different depot to view, or change the date range.

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