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Run the Passenger Rule Query

Run a query to see a list of drivers who reported off-duty time while the vehicle was moving for the selected depot and date range, and, of those events, which led to a passenger rule exception. The date range can include only 31 days, and can start no more than 6 months back.

  1. Click the Analysis tab.
  2. Click Passenger Rule.
  3. Select the depot to query or select All to include all depots.
  4. Select the date range for the query. You can search up to 31 days at a time, up to six months prior to today.

    Note: The date range defaults to the last two weeks. After you select a different date range, the selected date range is used until you log out.

  5. Click Go to run the query.
  6. In the Summary Table, click a depot name to view off-moving and passenger rule exception events by driver for that depot.

    A table listing drivers at the depot you selected appears.

  7. Click a driver's name to see details about the events for a specific driver.

    The List of Violations table appears.

  8. Click an event time to see the passenger rule exception event as a dark red bar in the off-duty driver's log.

    You can also see the active (driving) driver's log.

  9. If necessary, click Edit Exception to edit the off-duty driver's log.

    The Correct Duty Status window opens to allow you to edit the log.

  10. Click the Back button to drill back up from every level.
  11. Click the spreadsheet icon to export table data to Microsoft Excel.

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