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Create an Email Alert

The Omnitracs Hours of Service (HOS) email alerts are provided for reference purposes only and are not a substitute to actual HOS driver logs. Email content and delivery is based on information known at the time it is generated, however due to various factors such as radio coverage limitations and operational issues, alerts may be delayed or information inaccurate. Omnitracs disclaims any liability arising out of, or related to HOS email alerts.

  1. Select the Administration tab.
  2. Click Email Alerts.
  3. Click the Duplicate button to create an alert based on an existing alert or click the + New Email Alert button.
  4. Type a unique alert name.

    Consider that alerts appear alphabetically in the alert list and can be up to 250 characters.

  5. On the Select Event Types tab, select at least one event type.
  6. Click the Select Drivers/Vehicles tab and, based on the event type(s) you selected in the last step, select which drivers and/or vehicles to include in this alert.

    You many need to go back and create a HOS group if the group you want to send alerts about is not listed.

  7. Click the Select Notification Times tab to define when to send the alert.
    1. Select a time zone from the drop-down list.
    2. Then define the times each day an alert can be sent.

      Drag the bars to change the length of the time segment. Right click to copy/paste a segment. Drag in an open area to create a new time segment. You can create up to two time segments in a day.

  8. Click Define Recipients and enter an email address in the Reply To field for the person or group who will manage recipient requests to be removed from the email alert.

    You can type up to 25 email recipients.

    Optionally, enter a note that appears in the email alert.

  9. Click the Save Email Alert button.
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