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Select Event Types

In this step you name the alert and select the event types for which you want to send email alerts.

Alert names can be up to 250 characters. When naming the alert, consider that they are listed alphabetically. You can select one or more event types to send alerts about. Each event type triggers a separate email.


Check the box to generate an alert for driving or working violations. Select whether to send the alert once or to repeat every 30 minutes while the driver is in violation. Consider that if the driver is out of coverage this alert could continue indefinitely.

Decide whether to generate driving violation alerts within 30 minutes of a violation and/or within 60 minutes of a violation. Consider that you want drivers to drive as long as possible but not be in violation, and that selecting these options could generate a large number of email alerts. You can select these options and disable them later. You may decide to select these options for a group of drivers who go into violation often and with whom you want to monitor more closely.

Personal Conveyance
Check the box to generate an alert when a driver starts a personal conveyance event (driver changes status to OFF-DRV). Decide whether to generate an alert when the event ends.
Unassigned Driving
Check the box to generate an alert when a vehicle moves and no driver is logged into the mobile unit; this is when an unassigned driving event begins. This event is captured only when the vehicle has exceeded the speed and distance thresholds defined in the BOT settings. Decide whether to generate an alerted when the event ends.

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