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Add on duty

This edit window allows you to add on duty time to a driver's log when the driver is currently off duty and not logged into a mobile unit. This is a manual change to the driver's duty status log. When you're finished click Save to save the status record. Edits to AOBRD enabled devices are complete when saved. Edits to ELD enabled devices show PENDING until the driver reviews and approves the changes. If the driver is not logged in, you'll see Driver Not Logged In in the header.

If you select a remark and save it, the remark icon () appears next to the duty status in the Driver Details page. Hovering over the icon displays the remark.

Note: Click here for information about what to consider when editing a driver's duty status.

Duty status
"On Duty" defaults as the status you are changing to. To change the record to a different status, wait until this duty status segment is not the current status.
Enter the start date and time of the on duty segment you want to add.
Enter the duration of the on duty status in hours and minutes.
at ... miles ... of
Enter the location information where the driver was on duty. You can adjust this information later if necessary.

Type a short description or select from the list of pre-defined remarks to explain what happened during the status. Define up to two remarks for each duty status. Your ability to type freeform text in this field is controlled by settings on the Administration HOS Setup page.

To remove a remark, delete the text from the Remarks field. To change an existing remark, edit the text.

Note: When you create a new driver, the driver's "create date" is pre-dated up to 2 weeks. This duration appears in the driver's log as off duty time. Click  to add on duty time to a new driver's logs to account for the driver's participation in orientation activities, training, or other non-driving activities. This ensures that when the new driver does begin driving, the logs are accurate and on duty time is represented in his/her HOS logs.

Edit Reason
Type a short description or select from the list of pre-defined edit reasons to explain why you are making this edit. When a driver edits his log and types an edit reason, it does not appear here. Edit reasons you enter replace any previously entered reason text that was entered by a driver or a web user.
Your ability to type freeform text in this field, and whether the field is required, is controlled by settings on the Administration HOS Setup page.

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