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GMN Assignment - Type 610

GMN Assignment (Type 610)

The primary intention of this packet is to specify the GMN to GMH mapping for a previously submitted T2 forward message. QTRACS will format and send this packet upon receipt of a message submittal acknowledgement indicating that a T2 forward message has been successfully sent.

GMN Assignment transactions are routed to the same external application that has sent the corresponding forward message (this should always be TrailerTracs).

GMN Assignment transaction format

From To Size Type Field Description
1 5 9 Packed Global Message Handle (GMH)
6 8 3 Character Transaction Type = 610
9 18 9 Numeric Unified Address
19 24 11 Packed Global Message Number (GMN)

Unique GMN Assignment transaction field descriptions

Field Description
Global Message Handle This packed decimal field contains the global message handle. The global message handle (GMH) is a number assigned by the host and used to reference a specific transaction. A GMH is a unique positive number ranging from 1 to 999,999,999.
Transaction Type This is the code that identifies the transaction as a unique GMH assignment. It is a 3-character numeric field that will contain 610.
Unified Address This numeric field contains the number that identifies the T2 device that is associated with the data in this transaction and a previous forward message.
Global Message Number This packed decimal field contains a uniquely
generated global message number that was assigned by the NMC. Future notifications made in reference to this message shall be linked using this number.
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