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Setting Up Email Notifications

CER can be configured to automatically send email notifications to anyone you choose. You can also choose whether they receive notifications for all critical events that occur or use filters to send notifications only for critical events that meet certain parameters.

This address is not validated against the list of users who have access to CER .If you enter an email address for a user without access to CER, the user receives an email notification with a link, but cannot log in to CER to view the incident details.

  1. Log into Services Portal and select Critical Event Reporting.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Notifications.
  4. Select Add.
  5. Type the email address for the person or group you want to receive the notification.
  6. Select a filter from the list to choose which critical events trigger the email notification. Leave the filter blank if you want an email notification sent to the recipient for all critical events.
  7. Select a vehicle group to limit the notification to only monitor vehicles in a particular global group. See Set Up Global Groups for more information about Global Groups.
  8. Identify the time zone for the email recipient. This ensures that the time stamps on incidents are consistent with the recipient's time zone.
  9. Select Save.

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Setting Up Email Notifications in CER


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