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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Set Up Global Groups


Global groups allow you to associate user accounts with vehicles and drivers to restrict user access to information about the associated assets in applications that recognize global groups. They are also used as filters.

They can be used also to grant your customers limited access to information about vehicles hauling their loads and to establish your organizational hierarchy. Look in online help for more information about these uses.

To set up global groups

Note: You can add child groups or assets (vehicles and drivers) to a global group, but not both.

  1. Click Administration in the upper right corner.
  2. Click the Global Groups tab.
  3. Click Add new global group.
  4. Type an ID and description for the global group.
    • Check the Limit history box if you only want QTRACS users, such as external users, to see position history, message history, and driver logon event history from the date the asset is put into the global group.
    • Check the Visible to unlimited users box if you want unlimited users to use this group to filter assets in applications that recognize global groups.
  5. To assign users, select the users in the list on the right and click Add. Use Shift+Click to select a range of users or Ctrl+Click to select individual users.
  6. If establishing a management hierarchy, click Child Groups. If not, click Vehicles or Drivers.
  7. Select assets in the list on the right and click Add.
  8. If you added vehicles or drivers and wish to add the other asset type, click its tab and use the instructions above to add them to the list.
  9. When you're finished, click save above the group details on the right.
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